Magnus Murel

Magnus Murel

Magnus Murel (b. 1985) is an award-winning composer and musician. He was educated at The Norwegian State academy of Music with Bjørn Kruse, Henrik Hellstenius and Olav Anton Thommessen as his supervisors, and is currently writing music for theatre, dance, film and television. He has a classical background, and has played a number of instruments including piano and violoncello. He is well known for having a strong music identify which can be recognized in all the different genres he writes. He is an expert in capturing the right mood for every project, and his harmonies and melodies is easily remembered and recognizable.

He studied for several years both composition and piano with Wolfgang Plagge as his teacher. In 2005-2007 he studied at MGK in Denmark with Martin Lohse and Martin Åkerwall as his supervisors, and he also took private lessons with Karsten Fundal and attended studiorecordings with the Danish film composer Søren Hyldgaard.

The music from the dance perfomance “Iustitia” gained a lot of focus and attention.

His score for the short feature “The Time In Between” won best score at the Los Angeles Movie Awards in the international section 2010.